Frustrated by PFTs moderation!!!

PFT has been one of my go to sites for football news for quite a while now. My joining in the fray that is the PFT comments section is a fairly new development. I believe it was “Deflate-gate” that finally sucked me in. I soon started to notice that often times my post(s) would disappear. I even made a post asking if there were rules and where I could find them because I couldn’t see any “Rules”  and couldn’t imagine what rule I could be breaking.  And that post was quickly deleted. As a site owner myself this baffled me. Hell it pissed me off! I do not enjoy “trolling”others or posting shock value type stuff. Not a racist, don’t cuss or any of that. I like to talk sports like a grown up. But then I would see others complain about the same thing- perfectly valid posts getting deleted. I told myself probably 4-5 times I was done even trying to comment anymore. I am not a fast typist at all but often to have a lot to say (type)  so it is especially frustrating to spend a good deal of time typing out something you know will add value to the discussion only to have it not make the cut. Now I usually “copy” my posts and try again if a post gets deleted but they whack the 2nd and 3rd attempt too.

I’m typing this now because as you can probably guess, I had another comment deleted tonight. This in the cesspool of comments about Brady being sick. So much juvenile stuff still there  yet my actual football post, gone. I don’t get it, but I now know I am not alone there.

I actually just did a search- “PFT comments deleted”. Quite a few results…One of the results was actually from PFT (April 2013) and a thread about possibly dumping the comments section. Looking through those comments I saw a lot of complaining about all the seemingly random post deletions. This was a thing, it wasn’t just me. But I have to say that is pretty bad business. I have no idea how the moderation at PFT works  only that it doesn’t work very well. It’s the worst I have seen anywhere really. Good posts deleted yet most comment sections are littered with junk.

As I said above, I own a site too (yes, co NOT com) I post quite a few of the articles from PFT on my site (Always with the link to PFT) so my members can discuss. I have mods (volunteers) that are active posters and you know who they are. We don’t delete anything except for pr0n or things of that nature. The rules are clearly posted and we even have some areas where it’s pretty much anything goes. If needed posts may be moved to the anything goes area from the areas meant for good discussion but post deletions are very rare. Most of the site I try to keep friendly and for good discussion…If you’re the type that   likes to discuss sports and could do without a lot of the BS in the comments section and post deletions for no reason we’d love to have you join us… has a 98% google rating for our mobile version. The link to switch to the mobile version is located at the bottom of the forum. The downside is many of the extra features that makes different from most other communities are not yet available on mobile.

A simple quote button when you want to reply to a post, no c+p needed,makes it much easier to follow the conversation

also an “edit” button which our members wear out lol

You can rep up to 6 teams (Pro or college) by having their logo on your profile.

Members earn fake money for starting threads and replying to threads/posts. You can spend the fake money in our store, when you buy something it shows up on your profile. Or you can invest in our stock market or use the money to enter various contests/pools etc we have.

If you “donate” to the site and become a ViP member there is a casino room where you can fake gamble with your fake money

We have about 20 different board skins/themes to pick from if you don’t like how the site looks. Different themes may have different features such as only some have the “dislike” post feature. All themes have the “like” button

We have a lot of Forums but if any of them don’t interest you, you can “collapse” them by clicking on them.

You get a “notification” when someone replies to you or likes your post.

Many more cool features that make a great place to talk sports or just about anything- we have a “Lounge”where topics other than sports can be discussed.

Right now it is mostly a group of posters from CBS sports. I started a site when CBS shut down their message boards as a place we could keep in touch while trying to find another site. Finding another site didnt go so well so we decided to just stay on my site. We also picked up a group who had the same issue of their board (fannation) shutting down.

Most of our members post day,night,weekends…They really enjoy the site and all the  features. But I would love to get it more active,make it one of the best sites for sports fans to talk sports. Really all I need to make that happen is for more posters to sign up and actually contribute!

I do reward my top contributors, those who are most active, start topics for discussion, and “recruit” new members with Mod status and a chance to have an even bigger role with the site. I am even looking for a Admin type to help me run and grow the site. Also anyone that likes to write articles we can feature on our front page…Or even just those that like to post…Please check out and sign up (quick and easy)









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